1. No heat is needed to bond the adhesive, this can simply be done by pressing firmly on both sides of the tape once applied to the natural hair.
  2. On application of tape please wait 48HOURS before washing/wetting the adhesive.
  3. Please allow 5-7 days before tying your hair in a high ponytail, this will allow for your hair to have grown and become more flexible which causes less tension on your natural hair.
  4. When tying your hair up try and opt for a loose bun instead of a ‘ballerina’ tight bun, once again this just creates less tension on your natural hair.
  5. Brush your extensions gently before washing, to remove any tangles (tangle tamer brush recommended).
  6. Always shampoo your extensions, as sweat and dirt can cause tangles. So you should wash your hair on a regular basis (Amika or Evo range recommended) . Lather your hair in a downward motion. Remembering to shampoo twice and condition from an inch below adhesive, as conditioning the scalp can make your scalp feel ‘oily’.
  7. DO NOT use any shampoos which contain ‘oil’ in the ingrediants as this will cause the tape to slip.
  8. Massage the scalp under the extensions and then squeeze shampoo through extensions from root to ends. DO NOT massage or rub the extensions as this will result in matting occurring.
  9. DO NOT use ANTI-DANDRUFF shampoo as this strips your extensions and your natural hair (if needed only apply to scalp).
  10. Rinsing your extensions with cool water, and remembering to never brush your extensions or your natural hair when wet (if need be use a plastic bristle brush).
  11. Applying a leave in conditioner *avoiding the adhesive or bonded area, on towel dried hair will help prevent tangles and will reduce drying time. Once dry apply oil to the ends which will keep the extensions in great condition and will give a natural shine.
  12. When brushing your extensions always try to be as gentle as possible and brushing a few times a day (always brush from bottom of your hair upwards).
  13. It is fine to go swimming and let your extensions air-dry.
  14. Please DO NOT remove yourself or have your extensions removed by someone who is not trained in this process. If you do, we cannot be held responsible for products or services used by other people in which damage is caused to your own hair or the extensions.
  15. Expect to see small quantities of your natural hair trapped in between the sandwiches. Please do no be alarmed this is your natural hair shedding but not being able to fall freely, This hair will be combed out in the removal process.
  16. Expect to have your extensions moved up every 6-10 weeks depending on the natural growth of your hair.
  17. Paramount Hair Extensions are in no way responsible for the condition of your hair once the extensions are applied. We urge you to follow the above procedures to correctly maintain your Extensions.